Monthly Archives: February 2016

HVAC Service and AC Replacement

I really don’t have the money saved up to pay for this type of work on my house, but I think it is going to have to get done anyway, even if I do not really have enough money at the moment. It is not like I can go without air conditioning once things start heading up, and it is not too long before summer. So I am going to hire Sacramento HVAC services to do some work on the heating and air conditioning system in my house. Hopefully the problem is not as serious as I think it is, but I must admit that I am not very optimistic at the moment. It does not seem like it is in a very good state right now, and considering the age of the unit, I think it might be time to have it completely replaced.

Of course, it would save me a lot of money if I were able to get it fixed without having to have the whole unit replaced, because a new air conditioning unit is typically pretty expensive, depending on what you get, and the size of your house, as well as some other factors. But on the bright side, if we get the whole system replaced, then it will probably save me a lot of money on my energy bill, considering that modern heating and cooling units tend to be a lot more energy efficient than the ones like I have in my house, which is rather old, as I have already stated.

My main priority though is just to have a functioning air conditioning unit in the house before it starts to get really hot outside, because my family does not deal with the heat well and I really think of my house as kind of sanctuary that should not involve battling the elements.

Do You Know That Jesus Really Love Children

No doubt that Jesus really pay attention to small children. People who are watching him are his apostles. What did Jesus say to them? Let’s see.

Jesus Christ and his apostles have just come back from a long trip. His apostles quarreled along the way. So after the trip ended, he said to them: ‘What were you arguing about earlier on the road?’ Actually, Jesus knew what they were arguing about. But he asked the question to see if the apostles would tell it.

The apostles did not answer, because they were arguing about who among them is the greatest on the road. Some of the apostles want to be more prominent than the others. How did Jesus say to them that they are not worth wanting this?

He called a little child, and put him in front of them all. Then he said to his disciples: ‘I want you to know this well, unless you changed, and become as little children, you shall not be able to enter into the kingdom of God. The greatest in the kingdom is one who become as little children. ‘Do you know why Jesus said that?

Yes, children are very small and they do not worry about whether they are larger or more prominent than others. So the apostles should learn to be like children in this case and they shouldn’t quarrel about who are become a greater or leading.

There are also anoother times where Jesus was truly show that he loves little children. Several months later there were those who brought their children to Jesus. Apostles try to prevent it. But Jesus said: ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, because the kingdom of God belongs to people like them.’ Then he hugged the children and blessed them. It’s nice that Jesus loves little children, is not it?